There are many reasons someone may need to have a tooth extraction or multiple teeth removed. These reasons may include decay, cracked tooth, infection, periodontal bone loss, impactions, or in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. Deciduous teeth (baby teeth) may also need removal for some of the same reasons or to make space for the erupting adult teeth.

Whatever reason you may need a tooth extraction, your dentist or other dental specialist will likely refer you to an oral surgeon for the procedure. Tooth extraction is the most common performed surgical procedure in the world. Oral surgeons have extensive training and experience removing teeth almost every day of their careers. They can perform the procedure very efficiently and comfortably. This includes using a range of anesthetic options from local anesthesia to deep sedation. Since tooth extraction is a surgical procedure, you may need to have an initial consult visit before the surgery. There are often medical conditions patients may have which need to be considered before the procedure as well as the various anesthesia options. Sometimes this includes coordinated efforts with your primary care or specialist physicians. This is all necessary to make your experience a safe and pleasant one.

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